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We LOVE wine, and it shows!


JoiRyde was created in celebration of spontaneity. We needed to create a team that was bold, full of passion, and had the courage to take some chances. This is our team of female renegades who are ready to take on the wine world.

Daphne Scromeda+

Daphne Scromeda, Co-Owner, Sales and Marketing

Stacy Allen+

Stacy Allen, Co-Owner, Accounting and Operations

Daphne Scromeda

Daphne Scromeda, Co-Owner, Sales and Marketing

Daphne has been involved in the Okanagan wine industry for over 10 years managing the sales and marketing for great brands such as Poplar Grove, Monster Vineyards, and Therapy Vineyards. Working as a graphic and web designer by trade, building her own brand has always been a dream. That dream got to include her love of wine… how much better can it get? Daphne looks forward to sharing our entire journey with you and getting to know all of you along the way. Be sure to stop into the winery soon and say hello ūüĎč Cheers!

Daphne Scromeda can be contacted at daphne@joirydewinery.com.


Stacy Allen

Stacy Allen, Co-Owner, Accounting and Operations

Stacy is just getting her feet sticky in the wine world! Originally a flatlander from the beautiful province of Saskatchewan, Stacy made British Columbia home just over 13 years ago. Her new home provoked her deep curiosity in the wine world and made her a massive fan of what our local wine industry is producing.

Stacy‚Äôs career has always revolved around hospitality, running many of her Vacation properties;¬†anyone that has been to Stacy‚Äôs home knows what an exceptional host she is and loves her ability¬†to make everyone feel like one of the family. Stacy is never one to shy away from the JoiRydes¬†that life brings her; racing cars, riding motorbikes, flying in helicopters, and the occasional tattoo¬†is not anything out of the ordinary for her. She is now turning her curiosity into a pure passion¬†and developing her wine brand, showcasing what this beautiful valley has to offer the wine¬†world. Cheers to your new JoiRyde Stacy! ¬†ūü•ā

Stacy Allen can be contacted at stacy@joirydewinery.com.




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