Long Table Dinners with Backyard Farm

June 16th & September 29th

6:00 pm

Backyard Farm

3692 Fruitvale Way, Oliver

$249 per person – tax and gratuity included

Chef Chris Van Hooydonk will prepare a 4-course menu specifically created for pairing with the JoiRyde wine portfolio. Dine at Chris Van Hooydonk’s exclusive farm dining room in Oliver for this intimate 20-seat wine-paired menu. Guests are encouraged to arrive at 6 pm, the evening is meant to be enjoyed slowly with the experience expected to end by 9 pm.

About Chef Chris Van Hooydonk& Backyard Farm Chef’s Table:

Collaborative food and wine events with a culinary contribution from the dedicated team at Backyard Farm Chef’s Table are inspired by the essence of food and wine culture. At the forefront is careful consideration in representing varietal pairings, enhanced by thoughtful sourcing of local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients from like-minded farming partners and producers.

With an emphasis on true hospitality, tailored winery partnership menus and experiences encompass the foundation of farm-to-table dining.

About JoiRyde Winery:

It all started with a spin bike. Daphne and Stacy met as passionate spin instructors of a local gym in Penticton, BC. When the pandemic of 2020 hit they found themselves unemployed and looking for a new opportunities. Daphne had an extensive background in the local wine industry, while Stacy had the business savvy and love of BC wine. The two had heard about a new project at District Wine Village, where those who had the drive and passion to make beautiful wine, could create their brand in a small wine village community. Daphne and Stacy clinked their glasses and prepared themselves for the next JoiRyde that life would bring them.

Dietary Restrictions – We will contact you closer to the event date with the menu preview. At this time we will take your dietary restriction information.

Ticket prices include tax and gratuity. The menu includes all wine pairings. $249 per person.

Cancellation Policy:
For a full refund, tickets must be canceled 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Wine Tasting Seminar with Tonia McArthur

April 29th

1:30 pm

District Wine Village meeting room

$65 per person + tax

Event Duration: 1.5 Hours

High Five Wine Scoring System offers wine lovers the opportunity to discover and develop their palate while becoming familiar with those trickier aspects of wine. Have you ever had a wine that tasted sharp, for example? That’s acidity! Have you ever had a sip of red wine and suddenly felt your lips sticking to your teeth? That sensation is from the tannins!

You will quickly build awareness of what you like and what you don’t use the tools outlined in this book and with Tonia’s wine coaching style. 

This kind of wine education is innovative, creative, unique and so much fun!

Ticket Includes:

Full Seminar from Tonia McArthur

High Five Wine Scoring Book


Light bites

About Tonia McArthur:

Tonia McArthur is a Wine Coach as well as the author and creator of High Five Wine Scoring System.

After being in the wine industry for ten years it is Tonia’s mission to bridge the gap between wine drinker and wine expert. A lot of wine language gets lost in translation so if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by wine, you’re not alone.


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